Impeccable Micro

The second album from _ensnare_ has arrived...


Top Five Control
Sprite Rip
Inevitable Sound Shower
Shadow of the Beats
The Lock
Gavin's Magical Rainbow Catastrophe

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  1. What a nice surprise! Cheers!!

  2. Excellent! I'm using it to motivate me program ;) It's a lot more punchy (I think) then the last one.

    What way do you go about composing - do you work it out on a midi keyboard first then code it etc? (If you don't mind saying ;))

    It's spurring me on to get myself a midi keyboard and get cracking too. I remember the good old days when I programmed a square wave yamaha chip in Z80 and wrote sound modules. Then in 6502 for the Commodore, at least it had triangles! Back in the good old days when code *had* to be faster than the raster!

    Thanks for the entertainment, nostalgia and inspiration :)

  3. Most of the album is done in Ableton Live with Plogue Chipsounds - I then add some stuff from a real GameBoy and other samples I've collected. Plogue Chipsounds is fantastic - I recommend it. On this album, I decided to use regular drum samples, rather than ones for 8-bit hardware - I'm still working on the balance I want between more modern "produced" sounds and raw chip stuff.

  4. "If Mega Man for NES got a 2.5d treatment (ala Bionic Commando Rearmed), I would expect this quality and style of music."

    This album sounds more developed and 'mature' over the first album. The development of the melody sounds more realized, with the song as a whole sounding more 'complete'. Tunes are catchy and instrumentation is varied and interesting.

    The drum and melodic rhythms in many of the songs seem to default to a basic off-beat syncopation that is common in basic house and dance music. Hearing this rhythm across multiple songs can make for a 'desensitizing' or 'dulling' experience.

    The music seems to be mixed okay. The song 'Gavin's Magical Rainbow Catastrophe' has melodic offbeats sounding in different ears. Some people may like this. I thought it was really disorienting and distracting.

    I really like this album (it's currently burning a hole in my ipod). It is great to see the sophmore effort progress in more enjoyable ways than the first album.

  5. Found this in one of the humble bundles, so I looked it up. Great stuff man, keep it up.

  6. I sooo loved this album. Sound and melody been improved since first album. First track is my favorite.

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