Binary Opposition - _ensnare_ and .mpegasus

This album is the most exciting _ensnare_ output to date - a collaboration with Binster aka .mpegasus.  A mix of high melody and pounding lo-fi beats: prepare yourself for full-spectrum fakebit mastery!  Four tracks from _ensnare_, four from .mpegasus and then an exclusive collaborative track!

Available in MP3 and FLAC.


Damage (_ensnare_)
Hibernate with Me (.mpegasus)
Ask Me Anything (_ensnare_)
FutureKill (.mpegasus)
All Roads Lead to ROM (_ensnare_)
Troll Physics (.mpegasus)
Cascading Doom Pony (_ensnare_)
Kompressor (.mpegasus)
Rounding Error (_ensnare_ and .mpegasus)
Outro (_ensnare_ and .mpegasus)


  1. Yaaay! Haven't listened yet, but thanks for this!
    I'm hoping for some kind of physical release from you in the future btw, so I can be the coolest kid on my block. No pressure (;

  2. That would be awesome - if I get a sufficient number of fans to make it worthwhile, I will definitely look into it. Thanks!

  3. Awesome album, just bought it! However, when I try to put it onto my Zune software to sync it to my zune only tracks 1, 3, 5 and 7 actually show up. It's weird because if I select them to play using the software they do, but if I try to put the missing tracks in the library it says "media type not recognized", even though they are all mp3s.

  4. It's because those are the only tracks credited to _ensnare_, the others are either .mpegasus or _ensnare_ and .mpegasus.
    I'd recommend tagging all the files 'album artist' tag field as '_ensnare_ and .mpegasus'. Then you can find it while browsing, but you leave the proper track credits. Take note, Mr. Testpilot :P

  5. Oops, I mean *It's possibly because...*

  6. Awesome work, loved your previous work and this seems to be equally awesome, if not more so. Just bought the full album and a 6€ AWESOMENESS DONATION :)

  7. 6$ even, my bad. I would have paid 6€ if I could though :P

  8. That fixed it Aerozol, thanks! Time to start blasting it on my stereo instead of my laptop speakers :).

  9. I know about the Thunderbird problem - nothing I can do now.

    Every time I do tagging, at least one person complains and says I should have done it a different way! :-)

    Thanks for the nice comments!

  10. Loving this album. All Roads Lead to ROM is brilliant. SO GOOD.

  11. Those 'people' that always complain on your releases may always have been me. I am a return customer (aka complainer). Sorry :D

    This album is great by the way, brilliant job by .mpegasus as well! I've been listening to it lots. I wrote a review here:
    Hope you don't mind it!

  12. Heh, no worries! I just find tagging really frustrating - I'm a musician; we don't generally like cataloguing stuff anyway ;-)

    Really liked your review - nice to read a considered opinion like that. I am developing the _ensnare_ sound a bit just to keep things fresh and interesting for myself when I write new material - thanks for sticking with it!

  13. Ello!

    I'm .mpegasus - just thought I'd drop in and thank everyone who's taken the plunge and I'm glad to hear people are enjoying the album.

    I also want to echo Paul's sentiments on that review Aerozol - a very thoughtful and measured response. And I give you permission to delete Troll Physics if you wish ;)

  14. Woot another album by _ensnare_ (and guest), bought and bought :D

    Should email us when you do these things, I only noticed this because I got a notification to vote for some game that had your music recently... Where's your music-fan mailing list at? :)

  15. I really loved Impeccable Micro, and thus swiftly decided to buy this one as well.
    Too bad it's a big let down compared to the former album..

  16. Why did you think it was a let-down?

  17. Bought and all set for the commute to work tomorrow. You need some additional options on the BUY-site; 40-ish SEK ($6) is way too little for this awesomeness.