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The only exception is the full version of Binary Opposition, which you can still purchase direct from me via Fastspring here.

Binary Opposition - _ensnare_ and .mpegasus

This album is the most exciting _ensnare_ output to date - a collaboration with Binster aka .mpegasus.  A mix of high melody and pounding lo-fi beats: prepare yourself for full-spectrum fakebit mastery!  Four tracks from _ensnare_, four from .mpegasus and then an exclusive collaborative track!

Available in MP3 and FLAC.


Damage (_ensnare_)
Hibernate with Me (.mpegasus)
Ask Me Anything (_ensnare_)
FutureKill (.mpegasus)
All Roads Lead to ROM (_ensnare_)
Troll Physics (.mpegasus)
Cascading Doom Pony (_ensnare_)
Kompressor (.mpegasus)
Rounding Error (_ensnare_ and .mpegasus)
Outro (_ensnare_ and .mpegasus)