Defend Your Ramp

I'm delighted to announce the release of my new collaborative album with Inspector Vector, Defend Your Ramp.  This has been a long project and it's Inspector Vector's first ever full-length release.  He's been going for a kind of insane chip complextro sound that I think you'll love, and this album contains his ULTRA hit "Raise Your Dongers".  On my side, I've continued with the chip house sound I've been working towards for a while, with a couple more "purist"-sounding (though still fakebit) chip tracks in the shape of Yes, We Have Made it to the Dungeon of Tropes.  You can buy either the Deluxe edition (with optional Limited Edition CD) or the Standard edition.  Hope you like!

Opt for the Deluxe Edition and you'll receive the following:

Get a continuous mix of every track on the album, an _ensnare_ remix of a Big Giant Circles track, 3 ridiculous lo-fi comics by Inspector Vector, a drum 'n chip thing called Crabs on the Rampage by Inspector Vector, 1 4K wallpaper, ultra-HD cover art and an EXCLUSIVE txt chat between our heroes _ensnare_ and Inspector Vector which covers everything from the ethos of fakebit to a cake called Herman. You won't want to miss it!