Binary Opposition - _ensnare_ and .mpegasus

BinaryOppositionPreview by _ensnare_

This album is the most exciting _ensnare_ output to date - a collaboration with Binster aka .mpegasus.  A mix of high melody and pounding lo-fi beats: prepare yourself for full-spectrum fakebit mastery!  Four tracks from _ensnare_, four from .mpegasus and then an exclusive collaborative track!

Available in MP3 and FLAC.


Damage (_ensnare_)
Hibernate with Me (.mpegasus)
Ask Me Anything (_ensnare_)
FutureKill (.mpegasus)
All Roads Lead to ROM (_ensnare_)
Troll Physics (.mpegasus)
Cascading Doom Pony (_ensnare_)
Kompressor (.mpegasus)
Rounding Error (_ensnare_ and .mpegasus)
Outro (_ensnare_ and .mpegasus)

_ensnare_ tracks feature in Starcraft 2 documentary!

Team Liquid are one of the greatest (and best known) Starcraft 2 teams in the world.

Documentary maker Michael Krukar contacted me and asked if I'd be willing to allow him to use some _ensnare_ tracks in a documentary which is being created to support the team and I accepted!

The track from the trailer ("Top Five Control") is available on my album Impeccable Micro, which is "pay what you want!"

I'm not receiving any money from the documentary itself, so if you like the music, please support me by picking up my albums.

Anyone who knows me has been bored at some point by my rantings about the awesomness of the pro Starcraft scene, so being involved with it in some way is fantastic.  The fact that it's Liquid is also cool - the first pro match I ever watched was TLO vs. oGs.Hyperdub from GSL Season 1.

If you are intrigued by the documentary then check it out over at Team Liquid.

Also, if you've never watched pro Starcraft before, I recommend checking out GOMTV.

Impeccable Micro

The second album from _ensnare_ has arrived...


Top Five Control
Sprite Rip
Inevitable Sound Shower
Shadow of the Beats
The Lock
Gavin's Magical Rainbow Catastrophe

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Impeccable Micro is "pay what you want" with a minimum price of just $3.00 - hit the button below and choose an amount to pay!


Thanks to all of you who have been buying the debut _ensnare_ release.  Much appreciated!

No Carrier Rush


Behold, the debut album from _ensnare_...

No Carrier Rush

No Carrier Rush Album Preview by _ensnare_


Singles and Doubles
Sample Accurate
Co-pilot of the Rofflecopter
7 Cycles
Gold Expansion
Computer Run

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